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Guerilla Marketing for Gulf [NGO]

Hendrix Final Session Rare_71 - Hendrix
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Morrison Ultimate Live 71(Last_Recording) - Jim Morrison
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Every year, a new generation of impressionable minds discovers some of rock & roll’s founding icons. These artists are as famous for their contribution to popular music as for their counter-culture lifestyle and glorification of drug abuse.


GULF, an NGO dealing with the rehabilitation of drug abuse patients in India, began spotting the impact of their influence. In an attempt to raise awareness, a series of fake rare performance mp3s were created.

Titled Jimi Hendrix 72 Last performance Rare LIVE mp3 and Jim Morrison 74 Paris Recording Last RARE mp3, these files were released on file sharing networks and mp3 download sites.


With links posted on multiple hosts including limewire, these were free downloads for fans who are constantly searching for that last rare bootleg performance.

These however were performances of a different kind. The audio file recreated the chilling last moments of these icons. From a scary audio rendition of death by vomit inhalation, to a terrible bathtub drowning.

Reminding listeners of the horrible consequences of drug abuse, each mp3 ended with a helpline no. for GULF’s rehabilitation centers.

Guerilla Marketing for Gulf [NGO]
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