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RJ calling RJ [Radio activation]

In what was a world first, 171 top radio jockeys set aside their professional rivalries and called each other up live on nation radio..

Book Wall [On-ground activation]

We asked people not for their money, but one single old book that they could spare to build a monument, made out of the books they donated..

Fatal Signs [Media innovation]

In collaboration with a reputed NGO, a new media innovation strategy was devised to use one side of the matchboxes to talk about the perils of smoking..

B. Vaali [Commercial/Print/Design]

Meet Balakishnan Vaali, a simple south indian, who looks like Virat Kohli the cricketer, played by Virat Kohli himself. Catch a glimpse of his exploits as he fails miserably in cricket..

Mind unwind [Print/Design]

Flavoured tea is not for that early morning buzz. It is a refreshing, calming, stress-busting beverage that is best enjoyed without milk in the afternoon just when your energy levels have begun to wane. It is best for a quiet moment of contemplation, to relax and take stock of the day, the week and perhaps even life’s changes..

Rare mp3s [Guerilla marketing/Digital]

An NGO dealing with the rehabilitation of drug abuse patients in India, began spotting the impact of their influence and in an attempt to raise awareness, a series of rare performance mp3s were created..

The wall [Commercial]

A television commercial for J.P. Cement, that celebrates our unbroken relationship with walls. They play an important role in our lives and we have great memories attached with them.. 

DropCatcher [Mobile/Innovation/Design]

It is a mobile game that has its player try and catch falling water drops with a movable bucket and with every round, the drops become tougher to collect, eventually leading to a social plea..

Legend has it [Print]

In continuation with Timex’s 160th anniversary celebration, this campaign featured legends who had worn a piece while creating history..

The best antidote [Print/Design]

Our week is usually full of surprises, challenges and paradox. Thank God, there is a great read to calm and recharge on Sundays.. 

Welcome, you crazies [Print]

What is a biker? Is it anyone who rides a motorcycle? Is it someone who looks like they just walked off the set of Sons of Anarchy, with their unkempt look, their arms, chest and back the canvas for a local tattoo artist, riding a roaring Hog? Is it the hipster with their mustaches laden with bee’s wax to maintain the perfect curl at the edges of their mouths, their rolled up pant legs exposing high-laced leather boots, racing from vintage vinyl store to vintage clothing store on their 1973 Triumph Bonneville? As with many subjects, there are many varying opinions on the matter..

Cracks don't show [Print]

Using a well-known celebrity pair who has reunited after a widely known and talked about ‘crack’ in their relationship, the communication aimed to reaffirm Jivanjor Epoxy Putty’s efficacy in a humorous/quirky and rather memorable manner..

Logos [Design]

It is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon. It doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies. It is rarely a description of a business. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like..

Not every animal [Print]

Hard-hitting twist to what every animal has to go through in the name of decoration, medicine etc. Thank God man is no animal..

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